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Rờ víu Shift Asia Vietnam

District 1, Ho Chi Minh
  • Anonymous  mạo danh  ( interviewee )  với tư cách là:
    Mức lương:   -  Đánh giá:

    To whom it may concern in Shift Asia, After applying for my CV, I had an interview by quick process from HR. Due to COVID-19, I got an online interview instead of meeting in person. The guy who was responsible for the interview is Mr. M fromSA. It must be pointed out that he has underperformed as an interviewer shouldbe. He interviewed from home and did not well-prepared with baby cries and noisysound around. He showed his own impatient attitude when I double checkedquestions which could not be listened to by such noises from his place. It was frustratingmy efforts of interview completion and the result as well. I had a pretty unpleasant experience at the interview.